Road transport
In the road transport we are working with both small and large companies, we can transport goods to the individuals.
Air transport
For urgent shipments we can offer the airfreight, which is the fastest way to deliver a cargo to the destination point.
Sea transport
Currently container transportation by the sea is a world leader in cargo structure. It is the cheapest way to transport goods over long routes.
Warehousing and customs brokerage services
We can take your goods for temporary storage. We can handle and warehouse any size of consignment for any period of time.
Railway freight forwarding
This is one of the cheapest ways to transport large and heavy loads over long routes. Extremely economic transportation to CIS countries.
Express freight
We offer efficient express services, from documents to small parcels and pallets with delivery on time and under specific transportation conditions.
Cargo transportation from point A to point B in reality is not as simple as it might seem at first sight. For the customer it is important that the load arrive safely and on time by the most efficient mode of transport and at the lowest cost. Our job is to ensure the smooth and most optimum load movement. By working with us you will save time and money.
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Transportation and

logistics services

We’ll help you to finde the best solution for all your shipping requirments and to resolve all the issues related to the customs procedures, if required we can always take your goods for temporary storage or customs warehouse and to insure them.